Pool Monitors

Quelah Pool Monitor Summary of Duties / Job Description

Summer 2021

Call Sunriver Police for trespass issues: (541) 598-1014, after hours and weekends (541) 698-6911

Supervisor: Duane & Elizabeth Liebel, Unit #1: (503) 803-3226

Alternate contact: Harvey Gilbert, Unit #74: (503) 708-7500

Joanna Johns, Quelah AUO manager, (541) 410-4177, email: joanna@bendnet.com

All bags, backpacks and ice chests must be checked. Glass containers of any kind, glass drinking cups,

beer bottles or wine bottles are not allowed & must be removed. Glass of any kind & shape is not allowed.

Upon arrival, if there is a parked car at the pool, ask who owns the car and ask them if they are a Quelah

renter & to show their key. In addition, all other guests must be approached to show their Quelah key

and a get a wristband which must be worn by all guests.

Pool Monitor Summary of Duties:

(1) Please write-out all trespass incidents in the writing tablet Be specific, the time, date, # of people,

what happened. Advise them that Quelah is private property & only for use by Quelah Owners &

Quelah Renters. Quelah Renters are not allowed to have guests.

(2) Quelah Owners & Quelah Renters must use their own key to enter. No Key, No Access. Direct them

to return to the Quelah Unit where they are staying if they forgot their key to obtain their pool key to

gain access.

(3) Several Skyline guests have shown their Blue Spa Key - noted $20 for lost keys. Skyline Condo

renters, other condo developments & nearby homes are not allowed.

(4) When guests sign-in (required) only 6 guests maximum in a 2 bedroom & 8 guests maximum in a 3

bedroom unit is allowed. Children under the age of 5 years old are not included in this total.

(5) Please ask all guests not to open the gate for anyone except for their own family members & guests

staying at their Quelah unit. Advise reaching over the gate or climbing over the fence is not permitted.

(6) Please remind all Quelah Owners & Renters to choose a colored wristband, as wristbands must be

worn prior to opening the gate and entering the pool.

Be polite, always remember to say “ I’m sorry, I can not let you in without a proper Quelah key ”