Quelah Association of Unit Owners

                              Welcome to Quelah Condominiums AUO 

                                         The Quelah Pool, Spa and Restrooms have been decommissioned (closed) for the winter and are
                                         anticipated to re-open Memorial Day Weekend 2021 if the Oregon Health Authority allows with
                                         COVID-19 protocols, social distancing & sanitation safety protocols. Details TBD

                                        COVID-19 PHASE 2 SAFE POOL & SPA REOPENING INFO:

                                        The pool will remain closed until proper staffing can be secured.  Quelah staffing requirements 
                                        are subject to availability. The Oregon Health Authority's Phase 2 reopening requirements can be 
                                        viewed in our documents section. We are actively seeking Social Distancing Pool Safety Monitors.

                                        Quelah pool & spa reservations are recommended and can only be made by Quelah owners and Quelah
                                        rental guests staying at a Quelah unit. Rental agencies are not allowed to make reservations. 

                                        Use of the pool is limited to a 2 hour maximum per session. Use of the hot tub is limited to 30 min.     
                                        Households are limited to 6 persons (2 bedroom units) or 8 persons (3 bedroom units). Families 
                                        without reservations may be admitted last on a space available basis or if denied admittance to be 
                                        offered first opening at a later session. Guests can make only 1 reservation per day. Guests may 
                                        request to stay longer if the pool monitor allows on a space available basis. Only one family unit 
                                        staying in the same unit are allowed in the hot tub at any one time.   

                                        Social Distancing protocols are required by the Oregon Health Authority. Protective masks
                                        are recommended and encouraged for admission. Guests are required to spray their hands
                                        with sanitizer supplied by the pool monitor before entry.

                                        A COVID-19 public health fee of $20 per household per day may be charged for admission to the 
                                        pool. Fees will be waived for Quelah unit owners. The  pool monitor will ask for your credit card 
                                        before entry after showing the monitor your Quelah pool key. The Quelah pool monitor will confirm 
                                        your reservation prior to admission and ask you to answer COVID-19 Safety Survey questions.

                                        Each household lead is required to sign-in to the pool log sheet and and list members and 
                                        designate a family household lead as the individual distancing monitor. Log sheet is to indicate
                                        Yes (with phone number and signature) or No to be contacted if another daily pool user tests
                                        positive for COVID-19.

                                        Each household is strongly encouraged to accept and wear a wrist band with the same color 
                                        for their household, with the color recorded for their household in the log. The wrist bands will
                                        enable the Social Distancing Safety Monitor to conduct ongoing visual distancing checks for 
                                        compliance of the household. Households are expected to maintain the required
                                        social distance of at least 6 feet between you and other people who are not part 
                                        of your household both while in the pool and also outside on the pool deck and grounds.

                                        Quelah asks those coming to the pool to make necessary use of the restroom and take a 
                                        cleansing shower immediately before coming to the pool in their unit. The 2 outdoor showers 
                                        on the tile wall at the pool may be used one person at a time or by 2 people from the same 
                                        household. Quelah pool restrooms are to remain closed and locked. The water fountain will
                                        also be shut off and is inoperable.
                                        The Quelah Social Distancing Monitor will sanitize the pool gate entry handle, the shower 
                                        handles, swimming pool ladder and umbrella poles at the end of every 2 hour session. The 
                                        chairs, loungers and tables have been removed. Guests may bring their own folding chairs.
                                        Pool will be open Tuesday thru Sunday  from 11:00am to 5:00pm, closed Mondays.
                                        The Spa is decommissioned and may remain closed until further notice.

                                        POOL & SPA  ACCESS POLICY:
                                        All Quelah Condominium rental guests will be required to show proof of their condo reservation and 
                                        their Quelah pool key to the pool monitor before they sign-in to access the pool. The proof can be 
                                        a printed copy of their reservation confirmation and is to include the guests name, arrival date, 
                                        departure date, number of guests and the unit number. Proof can also be shown to the pool monitor
                                        on a mobile device such as a smart phone, an iPad or a Google Chromebook, etc. Rental Guests 
                                        will be denied access and turned away without the required reservation confirmation details 
                                        which can be easily obtained by the rental guests.   
                                          QUELAH POOL & SPA RESERVATIONS: 
                                        https://quelahpool.skedda.com/booking  (click link to make a reservation)

                                        To make a reservation, open the reservation calendar. Click the green + sign in the lower right
                                        corner. Select a date and time. Add your name, unit # and the total number of guests in your 
                                        party in the BOOKING TITLE window (John Doe, Unit#74, 6 guests). Reservations without
                                        these details will not be admitted. We ask that you take a screen shot or print your reservation
                                        and show it to the pool monitor when signing in. Blocking of consecutive days is not allowed.
                                        Reservations made more than 24 hours in advance will not be honored and will be deleted  
                                        by the pool monitor. Only one family group staying in the same unit are allowed in the spa 
                                        at any one time. 


                                        COVID-19 PHASE 2 SAFE TENNIS & PB COURTS REOPENING INFO:

                                        Double courts are for use by Quelah owners, guests of Quelah owners, and rental guests 

                                        staying in a Quelah unit during daylight hours. The owners court will be available for rental guests 

                                        and guests of owners during the double court reconstruction process. Owners reservations take 

                                        precedent over rental guests who are on the court(s).


                                        Each household lead is required to sign-in. Only one household to a court (single or doubles). 

                                        Households to be signed in by name and unit of residence. Household lead is to serve as household

                                        social distancing monitor (6 foot distancing between members of different households) and designated 

                                        with the initials of the SDM by their name on the log. 6 foot social distancing protocols are required by  

                                        by the Oregon Health Authority.

                                        Log sheet to indicate Yes (with phone number) or No to contact if another daily player tests positive 

                                        for COVID-19. Daily sheets to be collected by the pool monitor or manager and maintained on file in the 

                                        pool house. One reservation per day. Play is limited to one hour if others are waiting. 

                                        NEW PB PADDLE & BALL REQUIREMENTS:

                                        To combat PB noise & annoyance issues, the Quelah Board of Directors have adopted that only 

                                        USAPA approved "Green Zone" paddles & Gamma foam-like balls may be used. Only paddles that 

                                        have the USAPA approval printed on the paddle face are allowed. If you do not have a USAPA 

                                        approved paddle, you may use  Quelah's USAPA approved paddles & the Gamma Foam Quiet ball 


                                        Gamma Foam Quiet balls bounce & play similar to the standard hard plastic balls but may take a little 

                                        getting used to. The new foam-like balls are much quieter and do not "POP" when hit during hard play.

                                        Guests can use standard equipment & balls at Fort Rock Park which provides an alternative for play  

                                        other than simply not playing.

                                        Both 5.0 and 4.0 rated PB player groups were asked to compare the new Gamma Foam Quiet ball to 

                                        the standard plastic hard balls. All groups had very positive input ... 5.0 group's comment word for word:


                                       "We played with the new foam-like ball. VERY quiet. And although it seems to travel a bit further than     

                                       when hit hard vs  the hard balls, the characteristics are very similar. We loved the foam ball. It was very fun 

                                       and easier to do slices with, spin, etc. (maybe because it's "stickier" and grabs the paddle more). I think if 

                                       the sport had started with the foam ball there'd be no going back! There were four players and we all liked it."                                                                                                         

                                        You will be asked to leave the court if you play with non USAPA approved paddles or use a standard 

                                        hard plastic ball.  (United States PickleBall Association)


                                       OWNERS ONLY COURT RESERVATIONS: 
                                        An invitation is required to join the Tennis Court reservation calendar. Please email harvey@amgav.com 
                                        to request an invitation.

                                                    TENNIS & PB COURT  RULES:

                                       Courts are for Tennis & PickleBall use only

                                       All other activities are prohibited

                                       COVID-19 protocols & social distancing required 

                                       USAPA approved paddles & Foam Quiet balls only

                                       No black or dark soled shoes 

                                       No skateboards or bicycles

                                       No remote controlled toys

                                       No non-service or emotional support animals allowed

                                       No unattended animals or dogs allowed

                                       No climbing of the fences.   
                                                    QUELAH SERVICE ANIMAL POLICY:


                                                    WITH THE  ANIMAL’S WORK

                                                    NO ANIMALS, INCLUDING SERVICE ANIMALS, ARE ALLOWED IN THE POOL OR SPA AT ANY TIME 

                                                    PERSON WITH A  DISABILITY
                                                    COMFORT OR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS DO NOT QUALIFY AS SERVICE ANIMALS

                                                    SERVICE ANIMALS ARE WORKING ANIMALS, NOT PETS

                                                    YOU MAY BE ASKED WHAT SERVICE THE ANIMAL PROVIDES 


                               The Quelah condominiums have beautiful views of Mt. Bachelor and Lake Aspen. 
                               Quelah offers private tennis courts for owners and guests, enjoys a large heated 
                               swimming pool, a smaller children's pool and a great hot tub. Quelah's grounds 
                               are beautifully maintained. It is very quiet and offers the perfect Sunriver vacation 
                               for the whole family.

                                       Sunriver is located within the Deschutes National Forest. Amenities include the 
                               Sunriver Resort (a five diamond facility), six world class golf courses, miles of 
                               paved bike trails, horse stables and marina. The Deschutes River features great 
                               white water rafting and superb fly fishing. Sunriver is 18 miles from Mt. Bachelor. 
                               Enjoy the best Nordic & Downhill skiing in Central Oregon. Sunriver's Nature Center 
                               is just across from Lake Aspen.

                               Quelah condominiums features private guest & kiddie swimming pools, a large spa and 
                               private tennis courts ... 2 courts integrated PickleBall court lines. 

                                    Joanna Johns                                              
                                    Quelah HOA Community Manager

                                    One to One Association Management
                                    (541) 410-4177 
                                    email: joanna@bendnet.com

                                    Accounting questions
                                    (541) 797-0629
                                    email: rich@capstonecpas.com

                           Please report trespassers to the Sunriver Police Dept. (541) 593-1014