Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners

2018 Quelah AUO Heat Pump and Air Conditioning policy 

An application to Quelah AUO is required. We ask the owners to submit the following info to Erik Robinson, email: erobinson@aperionmgmt.com for Quelah AUO board approval. Written Quelah approval is also required to be submitted to SROA.

   Examples of information required to be submitted as follows:

   A/C Unit: Trane XL Model VSX130241D Whisper Quiet 

   Dimensions: 30” W X 23” D X 29-1/4” H

   Supplier/Contractor:  Bend Heating and Sheetmetal, Inc.

   Location of outdoor unit: (example): North wall of condo between range       vent and vertical living room window. The space available is 8'-5”.         Please include a photo of the location and mark the space where the         concrete pad will be installed.

   Board action on an application to site an air conditioner or heat pump       servicing an interior building unit at an end building unit shall be         considered by the Board in consultation with the end building unit          owner. Example unit #74 & #75.

   Note: typical locations vary,see Unit #102, #105 and #108/109 for           reference.

   Electrical: Minimum 15amp circuit with emergency disconnect or per           electrical code and manufactures specifications.

   Screening: In order to achieve SROA required maximum 50 db sound level       at the adjacent unit,screening similar to existing screening on the         property will be necessary at the owners expense.

   Materials to be used for screening:  Design and materials for the           screening are to be identical the exterior of the unit. Breckenridge         siding faced with a clear grade of rough sawn mahogany veneer that           is free of defects (no knots, etc. with a light uniform color). Batts       are to be 1" x 3" clear  grade cedar and a  2" x 6" clear grade cedar       cap is required to match existing exterior of the unit.

   Screening size: to meet AC manufacturer’s minimum ventilation               requirement which is typically 10” on all 4 sides with a 24” access         available for service. The 24” access can be obtained by a removable       portion of the screening on the service side of the AC unit or 24”           between the screening and the service side of the AC unit. Screening         height to meet SROA’s 50 db noise level measured from the adjacent home     (typically 38" - 40" h) but not to exceed a height of 10" above the AC       or heat pump.

   Paint: Painted to match the existing siding color

   Screening Plan: Required to be submitted with application for approval       by Quelah AUO and by SROA. Include top view of sketch showing AC unit       and screening layout and also a photo of the proposed location with         location markings at unit for reference.

   Upon Quelah AUO approval, owner must submit AUO approval letter & SROA       forms E & C to to Jackie Bue, SROA Community Development for approval,       email: jackib@srowners.org