Window & Skylight Policy




Quelah HOA Window & Skylight Policy

     Individual unit skylights are considered Owner Windows under the Quelah bylaws, with repairs, replacement and            maintenance the responsibility of the Owner. No new skylights will be allowed in Quelah after June 2, 2017.


     Window Warranty Information

     At original construction on the single story units were fitted with wooden windows and the two story units were fitted      with anodized aluminum windows. The Quelah By-Laws provide that each unit owner shall be responsible for the              maintenance, repair, or replacement of windows. 

     At the time of the more recent exterior remodel, owners had the option of replacing their windows at their additional        expense with a choice of tan vinyl Milgard or Jeld-Wen windows. Most units elected to replace; although a few owners      choose to retain wooden, anodized aluminum, or previously retrofitted vinyl windows. 

     Of the replaced windows during remodel, most are Milgard with the wider frames. Most, but not all, of the Jeld-Wen        replacements are in single story end units with the narrow building end windows where the narrower frame increased      the area of exposed glass. A few seals in the Milgard and Jeld-Wen windows have now failed and the glass is eligible        for warranty replacement. 

     It is not necessary to have any original warranty paperwork to make a claim on these windows, as there is a                  manufacturer code that can be read on the interior frame between the two layers of glass which identifies the                  window and its size. For a Milgard claim, call 800-645-4273. For a Jeld-Wen claim, call Guarantee Glass & Mirror,            Authorized service agent at 541-389-6293. If you have any questions, please contact Aperion Management. 

    Window Replacement Policy


    A majority of windows were replaced with new premium vinyl windows during the 2007-8 exterior remodel.            This replacement policy is to address the remaining windows which have not been replaced.


    The only change allowed from the existing color and material of frames in any unit will be to Low-E insulated          vinyl window, and owners must replace all windows in the unit, except as detailed below.  The only colors               allowed are:  Sand, Desert Sand, Tan, and Desert Tan.  The prior approved Almond color is no longer approved.



Units with Wood Window /Sliding Door Frames:


                  Replacement of Glass in Existing Frames:   Wood is a good insulator. Replacement of current glass                          with Low E glass in the existing wood frames will improve energy efficiency (UV value).


                   If new frames are installed:


                   If only some of the frames will be replaced, they must be wood frames with exterior surface painted                       to match the approved window frame colors.


                   If all of the wood frames will be replaced, they may be either wood frames painted to match the                               approved colors,  clad wood (clad with metal or fiberglass), or vinyl windows with the approved                               colors.


                  Units with Bronze Aluminum Window/Sliding Door Frames:


                  Replacement of Glass in Existing FramesAluminum is not a good insulator.  Replacement of current                      glass with Low E in the existing aluminum frames will provide only marginal improvement in efficiency.


                  If new frames are installed:


                  A maximum of one frame can be replaced with aluminum frames.  If more than one frame is to be                         replaced, it must be replaced with the current standard which is Low-E vinyl windows.


                  If more than one frame will be replaced, they must be vinyl frames with  Low-E insulated glass.  In                          that case, the color will be the color approved in the vinyl window replacement master plan.


                  Installation Procedure:

                  All windows will have full 360 degree nailing flange.   Windows without nailing flanges are not                                 approved.


                  Windows will be installed by a licensed contractor that is registered with the Sunriver Owners’                                  Association.


                  Window exterior trim and caulk will be identical to that used during the 2007- 2009 exterior remodel.                       The procedure will be that used in the 2007-2009 exterior remodel project.




                  The Quelah Board of Directors reserves the right to designate an inspector who will inspect the                              preparation for window installation and the final installation.  The inspector will confirm that the board                      policy concerning preparation (use of the proper windows with nailing flanges), and procedure i.e.                          compliance with materials, colors, and proper installation technique is as follows. The Board reserves                      the right to reject and disapprove the installation if it does not comply fully with the policy.




                 The replacement windows will be special ordered to fit the existing rough openings. Resizing the rough                     openings substantially to accept stock window sizes will be not be approved.


                 To assure compliance with the policy, all owners must request approval from the Quelah Board of                             Directors in writing prior to making any windows or sliding door frame replacements.


                 After approval by the Quelah Board, owners who want to change to vinyl frames must also request a                     Minor Addition Approval and a Building Permit from SROA.

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Aug 14, 2009, 10:20 PM